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      Dustin Prouse was tragically murdered at the age of 19 during a robbery/home 

invasion  in  Rockledge, Florida in February 2007.


LATEST UPDATE: March 29th, 2010
(This section presently under construction)
     As reported by numerous media outlets,..."during his sentencing, the convicted murderer broke into a profanity-
lace tirade and was ordered by Circuit Judge George Maxwell to be removed from the courtroom
     Furthermore, it was widely reported in the media (including video of the event) that..."several of Jiles' supporters
(mostly Jiles' family members) stormed out and picked up the outburst in the hallway, where they added racial slurs
and continued to yell at the judge, the manslaughter victim's family and media until they stepped onto an elevator to
exit the building."
     It was reported by WFTV that ..."WFTV got the same reaction from his family outside the courtroom. They had a few
choice words for the judge and the victim's relatives."
     "Get the f**K away from me. Get the f**k away!" one of Jiles’ family members yelled to the cameras. "Kiss my a*s,
Judge Maxwel! It ain't fair. It ain't fair. It aint'  fair! Kiss our a*s. He should've killed that cracker."
     Moreover, one video (posted below) clearly records the murderer's mother threatening the surviving members of the
victim's family by stating ..."I wish they'd come show up in front of my house.." This  second statement, made directly in
association with the confirmation that the murderers mother approved of the murder, together with her hope that an
opportunity might present itself for her to take similar action against the family members were they to at any future
time appear near the location of the murderer's mother's resident clearly estblishes a threat which may very well
consitute a violation of several state and federal laws.
     It should be noted that the friends and family members of the victim conducted themselves with the utmost control
and exhibited a respectful attitude towards media and court, despite that of course, they, more than Jiles'
supporters had reason to show outrage. This is noted to establish that Jiles family members were not provoked in their
outbursts, but instead, had actually been admonished (warned against) such outbursts during the proceedings. are a
disgrace to the community and present a threat to society in general.
     Therefore, JUSTICE FOR DUSTIN staff are presently investigating the distinct possiblity of pursuing state and/or
Federal ltitigation against the family members of Sylvester Jiles.
UPDATE: March 25th, 2010

    One disturbing result of the recent sentencing for murderer Sylvester Jiles, was the recognition that although having been formally sentence to 15 years incarceration, he would in reality by law be required to serve no more than 85% of that sentence due to the application of gaintime statutes. Thus, in total, murderer Jiles could only be expected to actually serve only 13.75 years incarceration, rather than the entire 15 year term imposed.

      At least that WAS going to be the case…

     As a direct result of the total lack of remorse exhibited by Sylvster Jiles and his family members on the day of his sentencing, as well as due to the insistent demands of Jennifer Leggett that this gaintime issue be fully reviewed, there is an encouraging development to report in this case.

     On March 25th, 2010, a full case analysis was performed by the editor of this site and a determination was made that section 775.082(9)(c)A, Florida Statutes certainly applies to the service of Jiles' sentence, despite that it was not formally imposed at the time of the imposition of sentence.

     Section 775.082(9)(c)A refers to the “Prison Release Re-offender Act.” It states in part that any defendant who commits, or attempts to commit: ….(among other possible crimes) manslaughter,…within 3 years after being released from a state correctional facility operated by the Department of Corrections…upon proof from the State Attorney,…must be sentenced to a term of 15 years.

     Furthermore, it provides as follows:  “A person sentenced under paragraph (a) shall be released only by expiration of sentence and shall not be eligible for parole, control release, or any form of early release. Any person sentenced under paragraph (a) must serve 100 percent of the court-imposed sentence. 

     Sylvester Jiles was released from the Department of Corrections on December 30th, 2006 and murdered Dustin TWO MONTHS LATER in February 2007. Based upon this, we first obtained a Court Certified copy of the original “Notice of Election to Prosecute As A Prison Release Re-offender”document filed in the case on April 9th, 2007. See scanned image below:


     We proceeded then into into lengthy discussions with Release Management Specialist Sharon Nickelson, of the Florida Department of Corrections, Tallahassee, who agreed that by a strict interpretation of the language of the statute, despite that Jiles' sentence was not orally  imposed pursuant to the statute, the mandatory language of the statue would require it’s application so long as the Department of Corrections were dully notified by a representative of the sentencing court concerning a verification of the filing of the original notice, and were provided (by an interested party) a Certified Copy of the original notice by the Clerk of Court. Wasting no time, we immediately contacted the Clerk of Court for Brevard County and had the Clerk fax to Ms. Nickelsons’s office a certified copy of the original notice.

     As can be reviewed below, the Department of Corrections, upon receiving the Notice of Election to Prosecute As A Prison Release Re-offender from the Clerk of Court on March 25th, 2010 has confirmed that "on Case 05-CF-51427 [Sylvester Jiles], the Department will contact the Court for follow up & verification & application of the mandatory.”  See scanned response from DOC Sentencing Specialist Nickelson below:

      As a result of these efforts, we can confidently announce that Sylvester Jiles will no longer be serving 85% of his 15 year sentence, but will instead be serving 100% of the entire mandatory 15 years of his sentence,… Day-For-Day, without ANY possibility of early release!!!

      Verification of today's development may be obtained from Sentencing Management Specialist Sharon Nickelson, Department of Corrections, State of Florida, at (850) 410-4315.

      Obviously, some people should have left well enough alone and kept their vile mouths shut - because having pissed off the wrong people, the leave it in God's hands button got switched off today, and the wheels of Justice for Dustin were kicked  into gear,…and well..., that’s how we roll. Enjoy the extra year and a half on us, Sylvester.

     P.S. Stay tuned to this website for our next update, when we'll announce which DOC "hell-hole camp" Sylvester mysteriously happened to be sent to.

 UPDATE: March 22nd, 2010
     Some slight justice was finally dished out in Veira, Florida today for murderer Sylvester Jiles
(despite the downgraded plea description of manslaughter, Jiles is a murderer if ever there was
one), as Judge Maxwell imposed a sentence of 15 years incarceration. As reported on on this site
last year (See: UPDATE: August 28th, 2009 below) Jiles was sentenced to eight years
probation,and violated that probation three days later as he attempted to scale the barbed wire
security fence surrounding the Brevard County Jail.
     Judge Maxwell found that Jiles had violated his probation with the willful and substantial
violations of trespass and failure to abide by the order of a law enforcment officer. While the
news cameras were rolling during his first sentencing in August 2009 Judge Maxwell warned Jiles
that he wouild violate his probation if Jiles so much as "spits on the sidewalk." Well, apparently
spitting blood on the sidewalk after voluntarily crawling across barbed wire also counts.
    Dustin's family has expressed their being pleased that Jiles will at least now be doing some
time, and  gracefully stated...
"As Dustin's Father, we can now go on with our lives," said Duane Prouse.

"We're glad he got what he deserved," said Prouse's mother, Melissa Choquette. "We're glad he

showed his true colors. He was talking about how he found God. "Well, he showed he didn't find

God with his outburst and the cuss words. It shows he has no remorse and neither does his




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PREVIOUS VIDEO COVERAGE (Prior to March 22nd, 2010)           
Video taken night 2/21/07 - Reported February 22, 2007 

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 UPDATE: August 28th, 2009

     The family and friends of the late Dustin Prouse, wish foremost to express our heartfelt


appreciation to all those who have so generously supported our attempts to seek justice in this


case and to bring closure to this tragedy. Your condolences for our loss and thoughtful gestures


of encouragement have meant much to us during this difficult time.


     Sadly, today, August 28, 2009 Sylvester Jiles, (aka “the murdering piece of inhuman scum”)


received a temporary reprieve from justice and was sentenced to eight years probation. Judge


Maxwell, who presided over the proceedings, was clear in his warning to Jiles, that he does not


believe the Jiles will successfully complete his probation and that there will be many watching


and waiting for the moment Jiles spits on the sidewalk (so to speak), violates his probation, and


will soon be boarding a bus to Florida State Prison.



      Judge Maxwell granted Jiles’ request to have his probation transferred to the State of


Georgia, so we who care also about the good citizens of that state will quickly discern his new


hiding place there, and surely take appropriate measures to update the authorities in that region


of the South about how close an eye Jiles’ probationary term deserves. Jiles may rest assured that


we who know him for what he truly is are neither fooled nor amused by his requested relocation.


He’s not looking for a fresh start – he’s looking for fresh victims. And we’ll be certain to insure


that his dangerous reputation is well recognized wherever he chooses to set his blood soaked feet.



    There can never truly be justice gained in a tragedy such as this, but what disgust was endured


by us this day as Jiles has been temporarily set loose, will be soon replaced by at least a slight


sense of satisfaction when we retake our seats in Veira - at Jiles’ V.O.P. hearing.


      R.I.P. Dustin, our battle for justice is far from over.
UPDATE: August 29th, 2009
     His murderer Sylvester Jiles has been offered a plea agreement of two years time served
in the County Jail and 8 years probation, in exchange for his admission to the murder during
open court Friday August 28th, 2009. The proceeding will take place at 9:00 a.m. in
courtroom 4D before Judge Maxwell at the Viera, Florida Courthouse.
     We ask that all concerned citizens attend this hearing to join the family in voicing their
     Click on "Justice for Dustin" located at the upper left side of this page, then scroll down
the page and click on the file named "Jiles.doc" to read a public notice filed in the case
stating the family's objection to this plea and sentencing.
     We thank you for your support


     The family and friends of the much loved and greatly missed Dustin Prouse
Legal Notes on Case
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